Our Core Values

At TLK, our core values guide every decision we make, and to make them easy for employees to remember, we’ve come up with an acronym: FPICK

  • Fun
  • Profitability
  • Integrity
  • Customer Service
  • Kaizen (continual improvement)

Our Vision for the Future

To become a great organization, you must have a vision for your future. Whether you are a prospective employee or supplier, we hope our vision resonates with you.

What are we building?

TLK is an eCommerce company that helps brands to significantly grow revenue across today’s leading online marketplaces without losing control of the brand experience they have worked so hard to create.

When you start selling to TLK, you instantly benefit from having access to our team of experienced eCommerce specialists who will proactively help your brand to develop an effective eCommerce strategy for today’s leading online marketplaces.

How do our supplier-partners feel about us?

Our supplier-partners feel that we are a part of their team.


We provide them with significant results and stellar customer service. In addition to that, they love us for helping to:

  1. Keep control of their brand experience across all online marketplaces they sell on
  2. Increase profits and sales by reaching new customers

Our supplier-partners regularly express their gratitude for all that we have done for them. They appreciate how proactive and innovative we are, and how we have helped them to develop effective eCommerce strategies that are supporting their brand values while driving meaningful growth.

How do our employees feel about us?

They feel appreciated by their employer.


They are grateful for the opportunities TLK provides, in particular the opportunity to:

  • Earn an above average wage
  • Continuously learn and improve
  • Advance their career without sacrificing their personal or family lives

Our employees know that their career and personal goals are important to TLK. They feel lucky to work here. We rarely have to post for new hires as existing employees refer in for most positions.

We feel…

The vibe is very much one of optimism, vision, and excitement.

We see…

When we walk around the office, we see a close-knit group of people who share a passion for helping our supplier-partners to grow their brand’s eCommerce revenue across today’s most popular marketplaces.

The office has a youthful atmosphere where each associate’s area is highly personalized so that their co-workers can get to know them better. 


We have a modern warehouse equipped with the technology we need to rapidly process all the work that is needed to handle our constantly increasing volume of orders and inventory.

Both our office and our warehouse have big flat screen TVs that display key KPIs for each department.

We hear…

A steady flow of positive communication about the never ending variety of strategies and tactics that we use to deliver value to our suppliers.

From the media, we hear about our success and innovation. We are described as one of the best places to work in Boise, and we are nominated for one of Idaho’s best places to work.

How is the company running day to day?

Thanks to our focus on documenting our systems, employees have a very clear understanding of what is expected of them and how to execute their responsibilities. Because of this excellent documentation, we are able to hire for attitude and train for skills.

We have daily stand up meetings and have adopted the Open Book Management style pioneered by Jack Stack. Each team has clear metrics and know what needs to be done to achieve them.