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Definitely not! Whenever we start purchasing products from a new supplier, our goal is to use our results to help you increase your confidence in our abilities, as well as build enough trust so that at some point down the road, you will want to grant us exclusivity for one (or all) of your products on the Amazon marketplace.

When you have an exclusive relationship with TLK as your 3rd party seller, we treat each and every product listing like we own it. Because we are the only authorized seller on a given listing, we (and you) are going to directly benefit from the increase in sales that result from all of our efforts to fully optimize and promote that product listing.

If you don’t have a single seller on a listing, no single seller is going to bother to put that much effort into the product listing – simply because any results achieved would have to be shared among every other seller – and who wants to do all that work for so little reward? No one, that’s who.

Unless you are launching a brand new product that has zero sales, reviews, rank, etc…there are no fees due to us. Instead, we are going to want to purchase the inventory directly from you at a price where we can earn our profits from the margin on each and every sale. With this model, our performance goals are in perfect alignment with yours.

All of them.

When we partner with a brand, we become responsible for:

  • Listing creation
  • Copy writing
  • Photos
  • Keyword research
  • Reviews
  • Promotions
  • Sponsored Products (Amazon PPC)
  • Inventory management
  • Customer email support
  • Returns

When you are a 1P seller, you are a vendor to Amazon and you simply invoice Amazon directly for your products and they pay you on whatever terms you have negotiated with them. Amazon then takes charge of listing creation & promotion.

When you are a 3P seller, you aren’t selling “to” Amazon. Instead,  you are selling “on” Amazon. That means that you (or us) must create and promote your product listings – and there are a LOT of “moving parts” that need to be managed to get the most of our Amazon.

Now here’s the BIG difference between 1P and 3P…

With 1P, Amazon will not agree to honor your MAP pricing and whenever their price drops below MAP, which it often will, your brick and mortar retail partners will waste no time telling you how much they don’t appreciate this.

When you partner with TLK for 3P selling, your MAP pricing will be honored by us 100% of the time. It’s right in our agreement with you. If we didn’t honor it, that would be a breach of our agreement with you – and it’s all in writing.

No. We order in bulk and you will ship to our prep facility in bulk. We’ll then do any necessary prep needed and then we ship the inventory to Amazon’s warehouse(s) so they can handle order fulfillment.

If you are a new partner and you want to launch a new product, we can definitely help you to do that; however, one a case-by-case basis, and there will be professional services fees due to TLK for this work. As soon as the product achieves a base level of volume, we’ll begin to purchase it in bulk from you, and continue to manage & promote it, and the professional services fees will be a thing of the past.

Yes! When you are a partner with TLK you will have a dedicated account manager who will be happy to take your call / email and respond quickly.