How We Help Your Brand to Grow Outside of the Amazon Marketplace

When it comes to acquiring a new transaction, you just can’t beat Amazon. Thanks to Amazon’s dominant position, 55% of eCommerce transactions start on their site.

But there is just one problem…and it’s a BIG ONE.

When you acquire a transaction on Amazon, you do not acquire a new customer.

Transactions on Amazon give Amazon new customers…but not your brand. You are left out in the cold.

Or are you?

Watch the video below to discover how we help our supplier-partners to grow their customer list outside of Amazon – even if the first transaction happened on Amazon.

About TLK Sourcing

TLK Sourcing a digital retail agency with significant expertise in the Amazon marketplace and unlike typical marketing agencies who will charge you thousands of dollars in fees, we earn our income by purchasing your products wholesale and then reselling them - thereby ensuring that our interests are 100% aligned with yours.

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