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Amazon Brand Registry – A Key to Content Control on Amazon

If you want to maximize traffic and conversions on the (highly competitive) Amazon sales channel, your Amazon listings need to be top notch, with compelling images and copy. Unfortunately, Amazon product listings operate like a wiki – in other words, anyone and everyone who sells your products on Amazon can submit suggested edits to your […]

Amazon Stopped Buying My Products – How to Find a 3rd Party Seller

Has Amazon Retail recently stopped purchasing your products? According to ZeroHedge.com, Amazon abruptly stopped buying products over the past two weeks from many of its wholesale vendors and is instead encouraging them to sell their products directly to consumers on Amazon’s marketplace. This is all fine and dandy…but what if you don’t know how to […]

How to Increase Sales on Amazon

I have yet to meet with a brand owner that didn’t want to increase their sales on the Amazon marketplace. However, most often, there are two main challenges that stand between them and their goals: A lack of the specialized knowledge required to effectively leverage Amazon’s marketing tools It can be very difficult to identify […]

The Risks of Having a Single Amazon Seller

“You have manipulated product reviews on our site. This is against our policies. As a result, you may no longer sell on Amazon.com, and your listings have been removed from our site.” Last August, Zac Plansky woke to find that the rifle scopes he was selling on Amazon had received 16 five-star reviews overnight. Usually, […]

How We Help Your Brand to Grow Outside of the Amazon Marketplace

When it comes to acquiring a new transaction, you just can’t beat Amazon. Thanks to Amazon’s dominant position, 55% of eCommerce transactions start on their site. But there is just one problem…and it’s a BIG ONE. When you acquire a transaction on Amazon, you do not acquire a new customer. Transactions on Amazon give Amazon new customers…but […]

How to Enforce MAP Pricing and Eliminate Unauthorized Sellers on Amazon

Many brands today understand the importance of enforcing MAP on Amazon – but they struggle with the execution of the strategies needed to succeed. In today’s post, we are going to share with you several effective strategies that you can use to enforce MAP and eliminate unauthorized sellers on Amazon. But first, in case you aren’t […]

Amazon Has a New Tactic to Fight Counterfeits

Amazon is in the midst of testing a new brand registry system designed to reassure vendors that sell on its marketplace that their intellectual property will be protected – which, up to this point, is something that Amazon has struggled to do. In their latest announcement, Amazon said that they will now let any brand […]